Monday 23rd December 2013
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With storms predicted this week are you prepared if the roads in your area are flooded? Some drivers in the UK often have fords or roads that get flooded regularly and are probably used to a bit of ground water. However, many of us out there on the roads will have very little or no experience at driving in flood conditions.
If you cannot avoid driving on a flooded road here are some quick tips on how best to deal with flooding:
1. Watch your speed – driving to slow will allow water to seep into the engine and driving too fast will create a big bow wave which will probably flood your exhaust pipe. As a guide the level of the water should not go above the grill on the front of your car.
2. Use the middle of the road – chances are there will be traffic on both sides of the road wait it out and drive right down the middle, where the white line would be. This is because roads are usually domed to help with water runoff and the flooding should be shallower here.
3. 4x4’s beware – don’t think that you are safe in a 4x4, most production cars are not made for extreme conditions even if they look like they should.
4. If you get stuck – if your car stops, just get out lock the car and walk away. Don’t open the bonnet or attempt to restart your car, you could do more damage.
Make sure your breakdown cover is up to date so if the worst happens you will be protected.

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