Tuesday 22nd May 2012
Be Wiser Insurance

Over the years many drivers have had to make an insurance claim of one sort or another. It is an inconvenience of life that sometimes things go wrong and if we are smart we can at least get back some compensation for the incident by using our insurance.

However, whilst most of us claim for a broken wing mirror or minor bump in the car some people are not so lucky. Here are some of the more unusual and genuine claims published by one well known insurance company recently:

1. A front seat passenger was holding a puppy on their lap. When the puppy jumped down the passenger accidentally pulled the handbrake instead of picking up the puppy and the car skidded into another vehicle.

2. At a village fete a miniature pony got loose and damaged a parked car.

3. A peacock seeing its reflection in the car thought it was a rival and clawed the vehicle.

4. A driver was distracted by an unusual sight and drove into a bollard; the sight was a camel and elephant tethered at the side of the road.

5. A driver was trying to hit a fly in his car whilst driving and hit a telephone pole.

6. When a driver leaned over to scratch his dog he took his eyes off the road and crashed.

7. After seeing a spider dangling in the rear view mirror one driver was so shocked that it caused a multi car pileup.

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