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Thu, 07/17/2014 - 10:30 -- sdukbewiser

In The Future Cars Will Talk To Each Other

Thu, 17/07/2014
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Even though recent statistics have shown that overall road deaths in the UK are falling the Government are still looking for ways to reduce casualties. This could be in the form of Vehicle to Vehicle technology (V2V) – cars that can talk to each other.

There are more details in a news report in the Mirror:

“V2V equipped cars will be fitted with a radio beacon that continually transmits the car's position, heading, speed and other information.

At the same time, it will receive the same data from other vehicles nearby, as well as data from road signs and other sources.

Along with cameras and sensors built into the vehicle, and sophisticated software, the car will effectively know much more about the road it’s on than the driver possibly could.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration estimates that V2V communications could prevent up to 80% of the current accidents that don’t involve alcohol or mechanical failure.

It’s estimated that the technology will add no more than a couple of hundred pounds to the price of car manufacture.”

This is only a small technological step forward from GPS sat nav systems and at only a couple of hundred pounds looks like a bargain if it helps to prevent accidents.

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