Tuesday 23rd March 2010
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New motorists are to be advised on how to save fuel and cut emissions as part of their practical driving test. The transport minister has also set aside £3 million to promote good driving techniques that will help everyone save money on petrol and diesel.

It has been claimed that following the advice could save motorists a month’s worth of fuel a year if driving an economical model. Common sense changes can make for major improvements.

"The Act On CO2 campaign's smarter driving tips have already proved highly successful and will help even more motorists to save money." Commented the minister.

The idea is to help the next generation of motorists drive in a more economical and environmentally friendly way. The new driving test will assess how successfully drivers follow fuel efficient and eco-safe driving advice.

Tips such as making sure you accelerate and brake smoothly and use the gears effectively can significantly reduce your CO2 emissions. In addition, making sure your tyres are correctly inflated and removing any excess weight from the boot of your car will also make it use fuel more efficiently and, thereof, lower your costs and environmental impact.

Part of the Government’s solution is also to make public transport an accessible, attractive, low carbon and easy-to-use option for individuals and businesses by providing substantial financial support for the rail and bus sectors.

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