Tuesday 27th April 2010
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The government is to massively expand the nation's network of speed cameras into 20mph residential areas as an alternative to speed bumps. The new cameras will cover entry and exit points to neighbourhoods and will automatically calculate drivers' speeds.

Offenders' details will be automatically transmitted to a penalty office. Areas which have seen recent crashes or are known for aggressive acceleration between humps and chicanes will be on the priority list for the new neighbourhood scheme.

Trials began in London recently and while no tickets have yet been issued, just the sight of cameras is enough to cause the number of drivers sticking to the speed limit to increase by around a third.

Humps have been criticised by emergency services for delaying response times and causing extra pollution as cars accelerate and decelerate. The UK has one of the best road safety records in the world. Safety cameras play an important role in helping to keep the country's road network safe.

On average, nine people are killed and 85 injured each day on the UK's roads. Without safety cameras to reduce speeding and make the roads safer, around 100 more people would be killed each year.

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