Wednesday 19th December 2012
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Many of us are aware of the problems that greenhouse gases seem to be causing for the global climate. Messages of freakish weather and rises in sea levels are in the news almost daily, but so are stories about groups and countries that are trying their best to reduce the impact we are having on the world.
However, a recent review from a climate research institute has revealed cuts in emissions, in particular, are not happening fast enough to make a difference. The factors affecting the reduction in emissions are many and varied and there is no simple solution. Some believe that all the talks and conferences of the UN and the first world countries are simply taking too long and are just delaying action. Many of these countries are finding the process of change too costly and just too hard.
There are still too many countries and companies with a vested interest in the fossil fuel industry and that this is slowly the change process as well. Some feel that third world countries should be held to account for their increasing contribution to the problems of climate change. Even if the first world countries reduced their green house gas emission to zero the contribution of the third world would still be too much and they would also need to cut back.

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