Tuesday 28th June 2011
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Almost half of all drivers expect to be filling up their cars with alternative fuels by 2020 says a recent poll by a leading motor trade magazine.

Despite the fact that only around 5% of those asked said they drive a vehicle fuelled by something other than petrol or diesel nearly half of the respondents said they would probably buy an alternative fuel car in the future.

A reduction in road tax and fuel costs was found to be a big incentive as well as the obvious environmental benefits. No matter how altruists we claim to be in hard financial times cost is a major factor in any large purchasing decision for most Britons.

However, the main reason given for not already owning an alternative fuel car is the problem with availability of alternative fuels and lack of performance compared to traditional petrol and diesel cars.

When asked about using public transport as an alternative to their cars only around 20% said they would use it rather than a “greener” car even if the costs of running a car was more.

There are many ways to save money and increase your positive contribution to the environment without having to go to the expense of buying a green vehicle or using public transport. The easiest way is simply to drive less, only use your car for long distances and walk or ride a bike instead for short journeys. Alternatively driving your car more efficiently can help to save fuel and general wear and tear on the car.

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