Wednesday 25th February 2009
Be Wiser Insurance

Some cash-strapped motorists in the UK are taking their attempts to save money "a step too far", it has been claimed.

A study by Kwik-Fit has identified a new group of financially-focused drivers - who have been dubbed eco-coasters.

These motorists put their cars into neutral whenever they are travelling downhill in an attempt to reduce their fuel bill.

Of the vehicle owners questioned, 15 per cent owned up to this practice.

Kwik-Fit warned that drivers who did this were risking an accident and subsequent car insurance claim.

It stated being out of gear meant being out of control.

Eco-coasters were also informed they may not be cutting costs anyway, as any money saved on fuel would need to be spent on the extra wear and tear caused to brakes.

Commenting on the phenomenon, customer services director at Kwik-Fit David White said: "The associated dangers make it a money-saving step too far."

In other news, the same company recently reported 14 million Brits look at someone\'s car when assessing their suitability as a potential girlfriend or boyfriend.

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