Thursday 26th June 2008
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Residents in Henley have asked the police to help them improve road safety by carrying out speed checks around the area, it has been reported.

According to the Henley Standard, Henley Neighbourhood Policing Team has teamed up with the Neighbourhood Action Group (NAG) and officials will now carry out speed checks.

It may be that if the area becomes safer, car insurance companies offer cheaper deals to motorists.

Police Constable Vicky Sims remarked that speeding is a crime committed by a small few, which can make things difficult for many.

"From data collected from the different partnerships in NAG it was decided that speeding was being committed by a small percentage of drivers, resulting in a misconception that speeding is a big problem in the town," she said.

Statistics collated by the Department for Transport show that there were 3,150 people killed on roads on the UK in 2006.

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