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Wed, 07/23/2014 - 11:53 -- sdukbewiser

Hospitals Raking It In with High Parking Charges

Wed, 23/07/2014
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Some hospital trusts in the UK are netting almost £4million per year solely in car parking charges. The NHS has had to reveal this information after a freedom of information request was made last year.

The report was covered in a news article on Aol Money:

“The highest earner is the Heart of England NHS Foundation Trust in Birmingham, which made £3.99 million, followed by the University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust, with £3.67 million.

Last October, data from the Health and Social Care Information Centre (HSCIC) established that the average parking charge per hour was £1.15. Now, though, trusts such as the Wye Valley NHS Trust Hereford are charging as much as £3.50 per hour.

While most hospitals are served reasonably well by public transport, many are not - and patients are frequently too ill to use buses anyway, says Macmillan Cancer Support, which has been campaigning on the issue. While government guidance says hospitals should offer free or, at the very least, reduced price parking to patients who make regular visits to hospital, many have failed to do so, it says. Others have failed to tell patients about the concessions that are available.”

If you have to travel regularly to your local hospital then it is worth asking about concessions or multiple use discounts for car-parking charges.

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