Tuesday 27th August 2013
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It’s a common problem; you have to drive into London, or another big city, regularly on business. You have no idea whether there is a handy and cheap car park nearby. What do you do? It seems that many motorists in the UK are renting out space on residents’ driveways at a fraction of the cost of other parking charges.
A leading online company that advertises driveway to those looking to save money has revealed that more and more of the UK’s drivers are avoiding costly parking charges this way. While London obviously, takes the lion’s share of these rental opportunities other cities across the country are following suit with other major urban areas offering parking challenged drivers a cheaper and more secure alternative.
Home owners can make an average yearly income of around £1,000 by renting out their driveway’s which could turn into a lucrative little earner for many. If there are local amenities nearby like the train station or sports centre, where often parking charges are at a premium and there is no guarantee of a space householders could be quids in.
In the highest paid areas, like the London borough of Kensington and Chelsea, cash coming in could be more than £2,500 per year for clever residents. This is good news for drivers with the recent revelation that some local authorities seem to be raking it in with exorbitant parking charges.

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