Tuesday 29th April 2008
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Ipswich motorists were targeted by police in the region looking to catch out those who break road rules, according to a local news source.

The Ipswich Evening Star has commented that more than 1,700 were found in violation of the law by officials in the region.

Crimes drivers were pulled up for included using a mobile phone behind the wheel, speeding and taking to highways without their wearing their seatbelts, the news source added.

It may be that drivers who pick up convictions on the road find that they have difficulty getting a cheap car insurance policy, as cover firms could view them as a road risk.

"By not wearing a seatbelt, by speeding or by using your mobile phone, you are putting yourself and others at serious risk of injury or even death," commented Suffolk's Roads Policing Unit chief inspector Martin Barnes-Smith.

Last year, the Department for Transport introduced a £60 fine and three-point driving licence penalty for those found using a mobile phone behind the wheel.

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