Monday 7th July 2014
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A worrying trend has been revealed that many learner drivers already have points on their licence before they even pass their driving test.

The figures were in a news report by the online magazine Motors:

“Currently there are 54,000 provisional licence holders who have been caught committing motoring offences. Of those, the majority (60 per cent) were caught speeding, with a large proportion (43 per cent) prosecuted for jumping red lights.

More worryingly, 33 per cent of learners with points received them for driving without insurance and one in six had got into hot water for driving carelessly.

Ignorance of the law could be to blame for the significant numbers of unqualified drivers being penalised, with 29 per cent of those surveyed unaware that they could receive endorsements on their provisional licence.

And, new drivers were just as unaware of the stricter rules concerning penalty points for newly qualified drivers, with a staggering 40 per cent oblivious to the fact that their licence would be revoked if they accrued six or more points within two years of passing their test.”

The change in the driving test will hopefully mean that the increasing numbers of learner drivers will be learning to a higher standard – and less pre-pass points!

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