Monday 12th August 2013
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The current driving test has been in the news a bit recently and now another important aspect of driving has come to light. A leading motoring safety organisation has highlighted the need to allow learner drivers access to the country’s motorways.
Currently, the law states that drivers who have not passed their test cannot drive on a motorway. While this is probably a great way of keeping them safe it does not allow for any practise in this area. And motorway driving can be a completely different experience to urban roads, even dual carriage-ways.
Statistics reported by the motoring organisation have revealed while our motorways are the safest roads to drive on that more than 70% of accidents on the UK’s motorways are primarily caused by human error. This shows an extraordinary lack of confidence and knowledge about driving in such a situation. It does seem to make sense that heavily supervised practise drives by L-plate drivers could build up some life-saving experience and knowledge.
In addition, the safety group has suggested a series of refresher courses for all drivers, whether they drive long distances on the motorway network or rarely. The drive is to decrease risks on our fastest roads and hopefully prevent accidents and save lives.

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