Wednesday 11th July 2012
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Britain has some truly lovely countryside and one of the pleasures for many of us is to take a leisurely drive down a leafy lane or rural side road and admire the view. However, increasingly our county’s beautiful vistas are spoiled by thoughtless and selfish motorists who insist on throwing away their spent coffee cups and crisps packets at the side of the road.

More often than not there is a bin within a few yards of left litter which makes the problem doubly frustrating for some drivers. In fact, according to a recent survey by a leading motoring organisation almost two thirds of drivers would agree to the introduction of penalties for litter louts.

If you are caught throwing litter from your car the recommendation from those polled is three points on your licence, a fixed penalty fine or community service. Around 8,800 respondents were asked how they felt about littering and almost 95% agreed that roadside litter gave a bad impression of the country. Three quarters said that littering was a serious problem.

As is usual in these cases it is only a very small minority that are spoiling it for everyone else; less than 10% of those asked said they had littered themselves with the worst offenders being the 18-24 year old age group.

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