Monday 19th December 2011
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Many drivers in the UK are interested in helping to save the environment and cut down on emissions from their vehicles. This can easily be done nowadays by driving more carefully or investing in a new small car. In addition, the money savings can be huge if you do your research. But what about those of us who have families and need a bigger car to get around? Should we pay more just because we a have to have more seats in our car?

The answer, it seems, is no. Many manufacturers have seen this niche in the market and are now filling it with their own larger cars with lower emissions and more fuel efficient engines.

Traditionally, larger cars such as estates and people movers had much larger engines and guzzled fuel. Even diesel versions of these cars still used more fuel than smaller equivalent cars.

According to one leading manufacturer, their new range of midsized vehicles may prove particularly attractive to company vehicle drivers, as the models could reduce their Benefit in Kind taxation, after the introduction of the new tax bracket for motors which have carbon emissions of 120 g/km or less.

The manufacturer's UK managing director said: "The models … provide a spacious family vehicle that can return more than 60 mpg and has a vehicle excise duty of only £35."

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