Thursday 27th December 2007
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The minimum age at which drivers can take their test could rise to 18 if new proposals to be discussed in a government consultation are given the go-ahead.

In a bid to reduce the number of accidents involving novice drivers on Britain's roads, ministers have suggested that learners should spend up to a year mastering the skills needed to drive safely.

Under the new scheme provisional licences would be granted from the age of 17 but learners would then need to spend a minimum of 12 months preparing for a harder practical test.

This means the minimum age at which someone could obtain a full licence and drive without supervision would increase from 17 to 18.

According to the road safety charity Brake, one in five novice drivers are involved in a road accident within their first year of driving.

A more rigorous testing process which includes experience of driving on dual carriageways, at night and in wet conditions would not only reduce the risk of accidents but could also lead to cheaper car insurance premiums.

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