Thursday 20th February 2014
Be Wiser Insurance

Car crashes happen on the country’s road every day; most will be efficiently sorted out by the insurance companies but a considerable number will end up revealed as fake. Recent figures released by a leading insurance company have shown that there have been more than 300,000 fraudulent car crashes in recent years. Since 2008 this equates to a rate of more than 1,000 per week.

Unfortunately, the end result of many of these fake crashes is a “your word against mine” scenario and this makes it hard for the insurances companies to sort out. Criminals often target more vulnerable drivers in the hope that they are less likely to dispute any claims.

One of the most effective scams is where a vehicle slams on the brakes and you drive right into the back of them. Make sure you allow plenty of room between you and the car in front. Although often fraudsters disconnect their brake lights which make it hard to know when they are slowing down.

The flash for cash scheme is where a helpful driver flashes to let you in then drives into the line of traffic then speeds up and hits your car. This one is trickier to spot, but you can simply wait for a gap in the traffic or change your route to avoid busy junctions.

The most serious scam involves a car full of fraudsters who get into an accident then rack up huge numbers in pay outs for multiple injuries, including whiplash, which is notoriously difficult to disprove. This one is not easy see coming but again keeping your distance can help here.

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