Thursday 21st July 2011
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It is a common belief among motorists of all ages and types that they are good drivers and that it is other people who are at fault. In reality it seems that this may not be quite true according to a recent survey by a leading high street bank.

A shocking statistic was revealed when more than three quarters of drivers admitted to potentially dangerous driving within the last month. The most common bad habit was driving whilst tired with almost two fifths of respondents saying they had done this recently.

Other dangerous driving behaviour included eating or drinking whilst at the wheel to which nearly a third said they had done. Also more than a quarter said they had gone over the speed limit and just less than a quarter had driven in the morning after drinking heavily the night before.

These figures go a long way to explaining the estimated 200,000 accidents on the country’s road every year.

"Motorists should think carefully about their driving habits as many may not have considered the dangers," said a spokesperson for the company that commissioned the research.

"Driving after drinking just one alcoholic drink for example; The Department of Transport advises that just the one could be too much as it's impossible to calculate your own alcohol limit."

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