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Mon, 04/23/2012 - 01:04 -- Anonymous (not verified)

Most Motorists 'Admit To Speeding'

Mon, 23/04/2012
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Shockingly the majority of UK drivers speed on the roads, according to a recent study. The survey looked at how speed cameras affected driver behaviour.

The research has found that three-quarters of motorists stated that they often break the limit. Such dangerous road behaviour may see drivers risk invalidating their car insurance policies should they be involved in a traffic collision.

The results reveal that for some drivers the risks of being caught speeding and fined, or even disqualified from driving, is clearly not a big enough deterrent to stop. Worryingly, 2% of drivers actually admit that they ignore the presence of speed cameras and just hope they are not caught out. In addition, a small number of drivers did not drive on roads that had cameras, on purpose so as to avoid the issue.

It seems our motorways are also dangerous places and almost two thirds of drivers admit to driving more than 80mph which is 10mph higher than the legal limit with some saying they did these speeds at least once a week.

The company also found that close to half of people on the road slow down only when in sight of a speed camera. According to a representative of the company the research highlights the fact that some drivers are not taking the issues to heart.

An insurance representative stated that it was important for drivers to cut their speed and also increase the distance between themselves and the vehicle in front.

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