Friday 19th March 2010
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Incorrect pressure in your tyres can have a multitude of effects, from decreased fuel efficiency to increasing stopping distance.

Motorists make the mistake of forgetting to check their tyre pressure when the tyres are cold - the friction between your tyres and the road surface heats them up consequently giving you a false pressure ready.

Nearly two thirds of Britain’s motorists use filling station air pumps to inflate their tyres, which pose a real danger as the tyres are still warm from the driver to get there - the tyres could be under-inflated by between 12%-15%.

By not checking tyre pressure regularly, car insurance holders across the UK are in danger of pushing up their premiums because they are not monitoring the pressure.

Over 50% of UK motorists failed to check their tyre readings over the last month, increasing their risk of involvement in serious road accidents.

Following eco driving tips, such as keeping on top of tyre pressure means motorists will save more money, which during the current credit crunch is vital.

Motorists are advised to check their tyre pressure against the car manufacturer’s recommended level at least once a month, doing so could save car insurance holders money on petrol and ensure that car braking, acceleration and handling remain at their optimum levels to minimise the risk of an accident.

Tyres run at a higher temperature than they are designed for, especially at high speeds; overheating is a common cause of high-speed ‘blow outs’- which is a cause of many accident each year.

However, recent surveys show that motorists are not checking their tyres frequently enough, with just 18% of men and 4% of women drivers doing so weekly.

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