Monday 8th February 2010
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The AA has released fresh research suggesting that the environmental impact of a vehicle is growing in importance amongst the factors considered by motorists.

Recent surveys have revealed that 23% of motorists are considering purchasing a ‘green’ car, which is almost a fourfold increase to the previous figures showing only 6%.

Tight budgets have added pressure for motorists to go green when driving by tax hikes on less environmentally friendly vehicles, coupled with some tax reductions.

Reports have found that strict new emissions laws are having a strong effect on the availability of cleaner cars but wealth, motoring taxes, fuel prices and consumer attitudes, which vary wildly from country to country across Europe, have much more of an effect on how clean a car is chosen.

EU regulation is striving to cut the CO2 emitted by cars to an average figure of 130 g/km by 2015.

New research shows that even despite the recession, 62% of UK motorists polled are considering an electric or hybrid vehicle as their next car purchase.

Nine out of ten of motorists polled said they would be more likely to buy a greener vehicle if there was better infrastructure in place for electric cars.

Proving that value for money remains a priority for car buyers, 94% motorists said they would be motivated to ‘go green’ if the technology was cheaper.

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