Wednesday 31st October 2007
Be Wiser Insurance

An MP in the north-east of England has spoken out on the actions of drivers in the UK on the road without car insurance.

Wear official Fraser Kemp has told the Sunderland Echo that something needs to be done as figures show that there are fewer people being prosecuted at the magistrates' court for the act.

In 2004, there were 11,685 people punished for taking to the road without cover, compared to the 12,470 hit for being light on car insurance in 1997, it added.

Mr Kemp, who represents Houghton and Washington East, commented that "an accident involving an uninsured driver is something that can happen to any of us".

"These figures show the scale of the problem here in our region and that is why I shall be meeting with the minister to press the case for tougher action against offenders," he said.

Meanwhile, the government has told insurance companies that they must register driver details on the Motor Insurance Database within seven days of purchase from 2008 in order to help police cross-check vehicles using automatic number plate recognition technology.

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