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Motorists will make 84 illegal turns, kerb their wheels 66 times and have 51 blazing arguments, all within their ‘life of driving’.

Wed, 25/10/2017
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Motorists will make 84 illegal turns, kerb their wheels 66 times and have 51 blazing arguments, all within their ‘life of driving’.

When behind the wheel, it’s important to remain focussed and calm. You should have planned your route with plenty of time and be well rehearsed in knowing the rules of the road. However, many drivers fail to take such care, resulting in astounding figures that suggest negligence when driving.

Rob Hull, Daily Mail, reports:

Us Britons spend an incredible amount of time in our cars - 1,080 days working out at almost three years in our lifetime, according to new stats.

That gives us plenty of time to get into squabbles, gorge on food and break the odd law or two, the research has revealed.

The British Lung Foundation has released a rundown of what the average driver gets up to during their lifetime at the wheel, as part of a study to highlight how long motorists sit in stationary traffic inhaling life-shortening toxic fumes.

During the three years in our vehicles over a 60-year period, Britons travel an incredible 257,356 miles - that's enough to circumnavigate the globe 10 times.

But of those 1,000-plus days in our cars, 48 of those are spend sat in stationary traffic - something that's dangerous for our health, according the lung charity.

A spokeswoman for BLF said: 'As a nation we spend so much time in our cars, so It is important to think carefully about the damage we are doing to our lungs.

'We are breathing in toxic fumes when we’re driving or running the engine, and many drivers are not aware of this.

'Winding your windows up does not block air pollution from getting into your car. A driver can actually breathe in higher amounts of dirty air than a cyclist on the same road.'

What drivers get up to at the wheel in a lifetime

  • 150 potholes driven through
  • 146 times when we break the speed limit
  • 122 occasions when we will daydream
  • 112 sing-alongs with the radio and other passengers
  • 95 puddles driven through on purpose
  • 84 phone calls made using a hands-free device
  • 84 illegal turns without using the indicator
  • 81 kisses
  • 81 cases of road rage
  • 70 air fresheners purchased to keep cars smelling nice
  • 66 instances where we kerb a wheel
  • 64 stalls when trying to pull away from a standstill
  • 60 meals eaten in our cars
  • 52 times we have to revert to a road map because we're lost
  • 51 arguments with passengers
  • 39 games of eye-spy
  • 38 close calls and near accidents
  • 36 important decisions made that have an impact on your life
  • 33 times we shed a tear in our cars
  • 30 occasions when we pull up to the wrong side of a fuel pump
  • 27 times we risk getting a ticket by parking on double yellow lines
  • 20 instances where we run a red light
  • 14 drinks spilled on ourselves and the car interior
  • 12 bumper bumps
  • 6 animals we are unable to avoid running across the road

But as well as warning us of the risks of spending so much time in our cars, the research - based on a survey of 2,000 motorists - identified some of things we get up to when we passing the time in our cars.

This includes shedding a tear 33 times, boiling over into 81 fits of road rage and going full-on X-Factor by bellowing out a song that's on the radio.

During their time behind the wheel, drivers have 51 arguments, scoff down 60 meals and enjoy 81 kisses with passengers in their vehicle.

The countdown also found that drivers hammer through 150 potholes - which might explain why some local councils are having to payout over £500,000 in compensation for damage caused by craters in the road each year.

There were also worryingly high stats for the number of drivers still lighting up at the wheel.

Of the smokers who took part in the study, conducted by market researchers OnePoll, more than a quarter (26 per cent) said they still smoke in the car when there are other people riding with them, and 31 per cent smoke when they are driving alone.

Seventy five per cent of those polled agreed banning smoking in vehicles was a wise decision.

Whilst a game of eye-spy might seem harmless, if it distracts from driving itself it could result in an accident. What's more concerning is the accounts of daydreaming, road rage, illegal turns without indicating and running red lights.

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