Monday 19th August 2013
Be Wiser Insurance
We have all heard of the Crash for Cash scam that has been plaguing the UK’s roads now for a few years. Where unscrupulous drivers cause an accident and then claim for outrageous whip lash injuries, inaccurate car repair bills and exorbitant car hire fees. However, as the police, insurance companies and the general public are now becoming savvier to this scam the fraudsters have now invented a new one to pull the wool over our eyes.
We have all been there you see someone waiting to pull out from a petrol forecourt or side road, there is plenty of space, you are in no hurry so you flash the other driver to let them in and they gratefully join the traffic. Hopefully they will give you a flash of the hazards or a cheery wave to say thanks, and everyone goes about their day a little happier.
Unfortunately, it is this friendly courtesy that is being taken advantage of in the new so called Flash and Crash trick and is a little more sophisticated. The criminals lie in wait for drivers needing to pull out, they then flash them and instead of politely pulling back to allow room they accelerate and hit the victim car side on.
The problem is in the eyes of insurance companies this is a 'your word against mine’ situation when blame is apportioned. And as the victim car is usually automatically in the wrong because they are joining the main carriageway and drive across the other car.
It is estimated by experts that almost 400 false claims are made in the UK every day, which adds an average of around £75 to annual premiums.

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