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New drivers should be taught not to be so rude

Fri, 08/12/2017
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New drivers should be taught not to be so rude

Staying calm whilst driving, taking your time and being patient are all unwritten rules of the roads. Perhaps keeping your cool is something that comes with experience, or perhaps it’s something that needs to be taught.

Andrew Brady, Motoring Research, reports:

As a controversial new driving test is introduced across the UK, one motoring organisation says learner drivers should also be tested on their attitude to other motorists.

Although the revised test is intended to be a better reflection of real-life conditions, breakdown firm Gem Motoring Assist says it “represents a missed opportunity for making the roads safer”.

The organisation wants learner drivers to be taught how to avoid conflict with other motorists and cope with stressful journeys.

“Just about anyone can learn to parallel park or follow a sat-nav,” said Gem’s road safety officer Neil Worth. “We believe a key component to a lifetime of safe driving is attitude, and in particular how to treat fellow road users.

“Drivers who implement Gem’s core values of courtesy, care and concentration on all their journeys are almost certain to experience reduced stress levels and fewer road rage incidents, meaning an altogether safer road environment.

“We are disappointed that nothing has been brought into the new test that covers this vital area of road safety.”

Losing your temper whilst behind the wheel is dangerous and inappropriate, making driving etiquette not just polite, but essential for staying safe on the road.

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