Wednesday 27th June 2012
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It seems that drivers in the UK are keen to punish those who cause accidents that result in serious injuries for victims. This is a very emotive subject and usually punishments are based on the crimes committed but a new survey from an leading motoring organisation has revealed that many drivers would like to see the punishment take into consideration the effect on victims and the outcome of the crime as well as the crime itself.

Of those polled around 19 out of 20 respondents said they agree with a planned new driving offence, causing serious injury by dangerous driving. As the situation stands at the moment when a driver is caught driving recklessly and goes on to cause a serious injury then the standard charge is dangerous driving.

This charge has a severe penalty because it is a grave crime to commit; however, it only deals with the crime and not with any consequences of the crime such as life changing injury to the victim. The new law would alter this and any serious injuries would be taken into account and so would likely incur a stiffer penalty.

The survey also found that the bigger deterrent to driving recklessly is a larger sentence and not the likelihood of causing serious injury or even death. The new law would need to be supported by a bigger presence of police cars on the roads claim the organisation.

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