Wednesday 7th August 2019
New long-range speed cameras set to go nationwide

Police forces across the country will be installing new long-range cameras after hugely successful trials in certain counties.

Ted Welford,, reports:

The long-range speed cameras starting to be utilised in certain areas of the UK may soon be rolled out across the country.

It is widely believed that the cameras, which are proving to be a beneficial resource in their current locations, may form a part of the Department of Transport’s review of road policing to improve safety of motorists and pedestrians.

The long-range cameras are capable of spotting a speeding vehicle for over a kilometre away, and – according to The Daily Express – the system managed to catch 1,200 speeders and 32 motorists committing other offences on the A417 and A419 in Gloucestershire in the first month after installation last November.

The cameras are capable of catching out illegal or fake number plates, as well as drivers and passengers not wearing seatbelts and those using a mobile phone behind the wheel.

RAC road safety spokesperson Pete Williams said: “Although this new long-range camera could be used to enforce illegal mobile phone use or tailgating, it’s primary use will no doubt be to catch speeding drivers, if indeed it becomes more widely used by forces.

“Some drivers will inevitably end up being very surprised when a notice of intended prosecution letter arrives on their doormat when they felt they had managed to slow down enough after spotting a police car in the distance.”

The introduction of these cameras nationwide is an innovative way of filling the gap in the fall in policing numbers, and with their success already demonstrated in certain areas, these cameras look set to be effective in catching dangerous drivers.

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