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Thu, 09/24/2009 - 12:26 -- newsfeedimporter

New TV Ad Shows the Dangers of Drug-Driving

Thu, 24/09/2009
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New TV Ad Shows the Dangers of Drug-Driving

Noted as one of the most successful public awareness campaigns, Britain’s drink driving ads are having a noticeable effect. Surveys consistently show that drink-driving, among younger drivers, is considered both recklessly dangerous and socially unacceptable.

Now a new series of ads have been released detailing the dangers of drug driving which, before thorough tests and new legislation, were overlooked by the authorities.

The campaign shows a group of youths in a car, each of them with eerily-enlarged eyes due to the effects of drugs. A passing police car notices them, the officers staring intently as the youths try to avoid eye contact. Suddenly, one of the passengers looks at the Police, resulting in the authorities turning their lights on and pulling the vehicle over. The tagline is, ‘Your eyes will give you away’.

Different drugs can have different effects on the user, and there are common myths that some drugs like cannabis can heighten your awareness and make you a better driver. The police were quick to dismiss this theory, stating that “Drivers who have smoked cannabis are typically slower than other motorists. This doesn’t make them safer; in fact, it’s more of a danger to themselves and others on the road as they may cruise at 20mph under the limit.”

The new road-side tests to uncover drug-drivers involve counting to 30, something that wouldn’t faze many drunk drivers, but those on drugs may count faster or slower due to the apparent “time-slowing” effects they possess. Walking in a straight line is also included, but the major test is when police use a ‘pupil dilation card’. The card has a series of examples of different types of pupil sizes, each relating to a symptom of a drug.


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