Wednesday 20th June 2012
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For many drivers the last time they read the Highway Code properly was around the time they took their driving test. And while many of us feel we know the rules of the road we are still not checking frequently enough. Now, however, with the launch of a new app the Highway Code can be at our finger tips within seconds.

In a bid to keep up with modern technology and reach the younger generations the Government have had an app made for smart phones for the Highway Code. The aim is to make it easier and more fun to read and so hopefully make more people aware of the actual road rules rather than their own made up versions.

Since it came into being in 1931 the Highway Code has changed markedly; things like sounding your horn when overtaking are now no longer obligatory. The app is currently available for the iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch and has a more intuitive, interactive format and includes a helpful search option. There are also quizzes, a stopping distance calculator and a road sign identifier.

The Highway Code is already online at the Directgov website and has a downloadable format as well as updates available on FaceBook and Twitter. Smart phones are becoming more and more used in everyday life and this way the new technology can help improve road safety like it has for more than 80 years.

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