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Wed, 08/29/2012 - 01:08 -- Anonymous (not verified)

Number Of Car Breakdowns On The Increase

Wed, 29/08/2012
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It is inevitable that everyone will, at some time or other, have their car break down on them; often in extremely inconvenient circumstances and in an awkward place. However, many of us do not realise just how many breakdowns there are across the country every year. One of the leading motoring rescue organisations has claimed it attends more than 2.5 million roadside assistance call-outs every year.
This roughly works out to a huge 7,000 breakdowns every single day on the country’s roads and this number is apparently on the rise. Part of the reason is that cars are becoming more and more complicated which makes it much more difficult for motorists to know where to begin when there is a problem.
In addition, drivers are becoming more reluctant to even open the bonnet and do basic maintenance checks like topping up the fluids and making sure the tyres are legal. The reliance on car insurance policies which include some form of breakdown cover has also contributed to the lack of technical knowledge of car owners in the UK.
The most common fault reported was problems with the battery, whether it was a faulty battery itself or damaged wiring and loose connections. This is something that is easily checked and remedied along with the second most common fault; flat tyres.
Clearly there is a need for drivers in the UK to start getting their hands dirty again and make sure the keep on the road not beside it waiting for a tow truck.
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