Monday 28th April 2008
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Older drivers are not as dangerous on the roads as is traditionally thought by some, it has been found.

Statistics from the Institute of Advanced Motoring Trust (IAM) reported in Motors Today show that people over 70 are involved in six per cent of crashes every year.

This is contrary to the perception that older drivers are normally less safe than younger motorists, according to IAM director Neil Greig.

He said: "The statistics explode that myth. Older drivers have a wealth of motoring experience and knowledge and the vast majority self-regulate the extent of driving in relation to their ability."

This could mean that older motorists pick up cheaper car insurance policies if cover firms consider them less of a road threat.

Statistics recorded by the Department for Transport show that there were 3,150 people killed on roads in the UK in 2006 compared to 2005 when 3,201 died.

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