Sunday 30th July 2017
Over the line! Furious homeowners are fined up to three times a day for parking on their own driveways

If you have your own drive way, the problems of parking should be eliminated. But what if parking on your driveway still resulted in a parking fine?

Rachael Burford, The Mail Online, reports:

Outraged motorists are being fined everyday for parking on their own drives because their cars nudge out just inches onto the path.

Dozens of tickets have already been handed out and some drivers' cars are being hit with two or three fines a day in Roll Gardens in Gants Hill, Ilford, Essex.

A new enforcement officer has allegedly been told to patrol the area and they are cracking down on bigger cars creeping out onto the pavement.

But frustrated residents say the drives were built in the 1940s and aren't long enough for newer cars.

Furious Irshad Nabee, Roll Gardens Neighbourhood Association chairman, told the Ilford Recorder: 'It's just stupid.  Common sense should dictate that these tickets should not be given out.

'It seems like one new enforcement officer has decided to just walk up and down twice a day and ticket cars parked on their owners' drives.'

Cllr Karen Packer said a residents' only permit scheme could be set up or all ticketing be suspended until a long-term solution is found.

'These residents have lived in this road for 20, 30, 40 years, and there's never been a problem.

'But now some people are getting two or three tickets a day, just for having a few inches of their car hanging over the boundary of their drive,' said the Tory councillor for Barkingside.

'Yes I can see that it is technically breaking the regulations, but why now?

'Surely common sense says this should be looked at because these drives are very short.'

Cllr Packer branded it 'appalling' that residents were having to face paying countless fines.

Redbridge Council leader Cllr Jas Athwal admitted it looked as though the Labour-ruled local authority had made a mistake.

Cllr Athwal said: 'We've had this problem before in the opposite way - cars blocking pavements were not getting ticketed.

'I'll have to give the same answer now as then.

'If that vehicle is causing an obstruction, and if the pavement is narrow, then there will be a ticket issued.

'But if the pavement is wide, and the back wheels aren't on the pavement and there is only an overhang, then there shouldn't be a problem.'

Cllr Athwal, who has paid four parking fines while in office, insisted that over-zealous wardens will be retrained if necessary.

Knowing whether you’re parking illegally can save you a lot of problems, but when it’s outside your front door it can be hugely frustrating. Paying attention to parking rules and ensuring you’re not parked on the pavement will avoid a parking fine.

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