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Tue, 06/16/2015 - 11:03 -- sdukbewiser

Parking Permits Priced By Postcode

Tue, 16/06/2015
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Parking Permits Priced By Postcode

Residents have been paying for on-road residential parking for many years now, but who knew there was such a price difference between locations? South Ayrshire Council charges just 50p for a parking permit each year whereas a Manchester Council has decided to charge up to £750!

The Telegraph Reports:

Motorists face a postcode lottery when it comes to parking outside their own homes, with the cost of residential parking permits varying hugely across Britain. While some councils charge nothing for a permit, others charge as much as £750 a year.

This disparity in cost is also reflected within certain council districts across the country, where parking permits can vary by £97 within the same council.

Birmingham City Council and Manchester City Council, which have the highest parking permit charges out of all of the councils analysed, billed residents up to £750 each year. This is over 12 times the average cost across Britain of £59.

Extreme price differences can seem worrying – especially with property in more expensive areas in some cases having a lower parking charge, nobody is sure or what makes it so costly!

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