Monday 17th December 2012
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Although most people know the basics of where they should and shouldn’t park there are still plenty of situations where although the law is clear drivers are not always sure. Double yellow lines, hatched boxes, zigzags all are places where cars shouldn’t be on public roads. However, what about on private land? Are you sure about your parking rights in areas off the road?
It may surprise you to learn that since the 1st October you have been required by law to provide the police with details of vehicles that are wrongfully parked on private land. Don’t worry though you are not alone in a recent poll more than 9 out of 10 of those asked were unaware of this change in the law.
More than half of respondents to the survey were in the dark about a number of things; for example that your consumer rights differed depending on whether a parking ticket is issued by a council or a private company and that the DVLA is now legally obliged to sell vehicle license information to private parking operators so they can chase unpaid fines.
On the plus side, though, on the 1st October it became illegal in England and Wales for private companies to engage in wheel clamping. It is clear that more information needs to be made available to motorists so they can park correctly and avoid costly fines.

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