Thursday 28th February 2008
Be Wiser Insurance

Motorists in Norwich who break the law by driving in bus lanes are to be targeted by police in the area, according to a local news source.

The Norwich Evening News reports that hundred of drivers have been found to be flouting the rules by heading into the stretches to save time.

On Tuesday, officials found 116 motorists doing this and have picked up hundreds more since launching the crackdown in October.

It may be that those who pick up a conviction find that they have difficulty gaining a cheap car insurance policy in the future, as cover firms could charge them more if they consider them a risk.

"I think people generally are just frustrated when they see other people breaking the law and that's why they ask us to do these operations," commented Lanham and Tuckswood Safer Neighbourhood Team official Sergeant Graham Dalton.

Meanwhile, London mayoral candidate Boris Johnson has commented that motorbikes should be allowed to use bus lanes.

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