Friday 24th March 2017
Poor parking can cause rifts between neighbours

You turn into your street and pull up to your house… but they have parked there again. Right in front of your front door. But what do you do? Park a few doors down and forget about it, or would it be the start of an ongoing rift between you and your neighbours?

Yahoo! News reports:

Drivers are waging secret parking wars against one another, new research has revealed.

According to a survey that questioned more than 2,000 people, many drivers described their fellow motorists’ parking as ‘poor’, while others went so far as to give them a ‘taste of their own medicine’ by deliberately parking badly.

Drivers have even chosen to deliberately park up against their neighbours’ bumper to make it difficult to leave their space.

Andrew Pester, interim chief executive of the British Parking Association (BPA), recently said: “Drivers, of course, also have a responsibility to ensure they are parking so as not to cause inconvenience to others!”

Other grievances neighbours had were when others parked on the street when they have their own drives – with 41 per cent of respondents admitting that they had this issue.

The survey, conducted by the RAC, revealed that 14 per cent of drivers consider their neighbours’ parking to be ‘poor’ – with four per cent of these calling their driving “appalling”.

Simon Williams, RAC insurance spokesman, said: “Parking is a very sensitive issue, particularly when it’s outside your own home as it brings out the ‘Nimby’ in everyone.

“The moment someone parks selfishly people’s hackles are going to be raised, whether that’s parking in the street when they have the space to be able to park on their own drive or parking so close that it makes it almost impossible to get out.”

Without a private driveway, it can be difficult to secure a parking spot outside your own home. With the average terrace house spanning the average length of a car, this problem is accentuated when the household has more than one car. 

Poor parking can cause rifts between neighbours

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