Sunday 25th March 2012
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Often drivers in the UK find most road signs helpful; like there is a round about coming up, or a hidden junction, or the speed limit changes. However, many people feel that there are too many road signs on the country’s roads and that they are distracting for drivers and could potentially lead to more accidents.

A recent report by the RAC has warned that while signs which are clear, concise, relevant, reliable and timely can improve safety and reduce the number of drivers who get lost each day. Conversely groups of contradictory signs lead to 'information overload' and confusion, which can cause an accident.

Studies have shown that information overload can lead to a more serious loss of concentration than use of some illegal drugs and that this would serious impair a driver’s ability to process risks on the road.

"Yet across the UK, thousands of road signs which give route directions, street names, limits or hazards are confusing or have disappeared, been knocked down, obscured with grime or foliage or have been damaged," said an industry spokesperson.

In addition, figures show that more than half of UK motorists admit to not understanding even basic signs in the Highway Code. Safety groups, motor insurance companies and academics have called on highway authorities to re-examine their location of road signs and to regularly review them.

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