Wednesday 9th March 2011
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The amount of CO2 being emitted into the atmosphere due to daily road transport needs to be reduced, it has been claimed. Speaking as the government announced it would be putting £20 million in researching and developing eco-friendly vehicles the transport minister commented that such a change was "vital".

The growth of carbon emissions from road transport needs to be addressed and meeting the EU carbon emission standards for new cars is going to be a major challenge for the automotive industry in the UK.

The investment will primarily be in UK based research and development which will hopefully, accelerate the introduction of low carbon vehicles, ahead of what would be achieved by market forces alone. The funding will help UK companies to benefit from the growing domestic and international demand for lower carbon vehicles.

UK automotive companies have the chance to shape the future of the industry and lead the way in greener technology.

Around 20 per cent of the carbon emissions emitted every day is caused by daily road transport. The minister said: "This fund represents an excellent opportunity for UK expertise to help shape a low carbon future for transport and I would urge companies to grasp it with both hands."

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