Wednesday 24th September 2008
Be Wiser Insurance

Drivers looking to reduce accidents and the need to claim on their car insurance may be interested in the on-board safety camera that features on the Ford Kuga.The system allows motorists to manoeuvre and park more safely by using miniature rear-view cameras that reduce the blind spots behind the car.Ford said it is the first tailgate-mounted camera it has featured on a passenger car and the system shows the driver otherwise hidden objects on a 7-inch colour display.It added the system is activated whenever the driver puts the car into reverse.Joerg Luemmen, systems engineer at the manufacturer, said: "Many customers lack confidence when manoeuvring in tight spaces or hitching a caravan to their vehicle."He added the safety cam on the Ford Kuga can help aid safe and accurate reversing.The new Ford Kuga also incorporates all wheel drive, and a "distinctive" kinetic design.

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