Thursday 28th August 2008
Be Wiser Insurance

Motorists in Sandwell have been warned of the dangers of installing a satellite navigation (satnav) system in their vehicles, it has been reported.According to the Halesowen News, officials in the region are telling drivers to make sure they do not leave the devices too prominently on display.It may be that a break-in by an opportunist thief compromises car insurance policies, as cover firms could consider those who have been targeted negligent.West Midlands Police Inspector John McPhee stated that taking precautions is always a good idea."If possible, buy a system with anti-theft security features and don't leave your equipment in the glove compartment as this is the first place thieves look," he said.A sat nav system sends and receives signals from space in order to geographically place motorists and help them find their way to their desired destination.

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The FCA is helping motorists pay their car insurance
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Monday 25th May 2020
New rules from the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) have been created to help motorists to reduce the impact of temporary financial distress and to ensure that customers continue to have insurance that meets their demands and needs during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.
Motorists are confused by coronavirus MOT rules
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Monday 18th May 2020
Recent research has found that motorists are not clear on MOT rules during the coronavirus pandemic. The main point to remember is that motorists need to keep their vehicles in a roadworthy state, to avoid prosecution and costly repairs due to cars being neglected for what may be months.
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Although 15% of motorists have stopped using their car completely in recent weeks, the roads remain a dangerous place as motorists have been found using quieter roads to speed excessively.