Thursday 31st July 2008
Be Wiser Insurance

A warning has been given to motorists in Redditch over using their satellite navigation (satnav) systems abroad, it has been reported.The Redditch Standard has cited advice from the Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM), which stated that the speed camera detectors built into some devices are illegal in some countries.Motorists could find it difficult to pick up car insurance in the future, if cover firms judge them to be a risk and increase costs.IAM director Neil Greig stated that in some cases, "camera detectors have been literally ripped out by local police"."The best thing to do is check if detectors are permitted in the country you plan to visit or simply don't take one with you," he said.Meanwhile Auto Express has pointed out a number of alternative ways in which a sat nav system can be used.According to the publication, they can pick out the most scenic route for a journey and in some cases check speed more effectively than a speedometer.

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