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Mon, 06/20/2011 - 02:06 -- Anonymous (not verified)

Shared Journeys Are Safest, Say Motor Insurance Firms

Mon, 20/06/2011
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Many of the county’s drivers are now carpooling, partly to meet rising costs of car ownership. However, a recent report from a leading motor insurance provider claims that car sharing can also reduce the risk of having an accident.

The study reveals that those who drive with a passenger are half as likely to have an accident as those alone. Around one in ten drivers say that they have been involved in an accident whilst driving alone compared to just five per cent of those driving with a passenger.

In addition, four in ten passengers say that they have lost their concentration when driving alone, falling to two in ten of those who had company and approximately a fifth of drivers have been pulled over for the quality of their driving when alone, compared to less than ten per cent of accompanied drivers.

"We welcome the findings that almost half of the driving public support the introduction of car pool lanes on commuter routes," said an industry spokesman.

"The evidence from 'high occupancy vehicle' lanes in Leeds, which gives priority to the majority of commuters who share journeys in cars or buses, is that journey times have reduced both for commuters in the HOV lane and also for those driving solo.

"Given the many benefits of car sharing, drivers should perhaps be asking themselves; 'do we really need to drive alone?'"

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