Monday 18th June 2012
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Road Tax is a constant source of irritation to many drivers. Some feel that penalising older cars that have more emissions is unfair in the current economic climate as not everyone can afford or justify the move to a smaller more efficient vehicle. Then there are those who believe that people who drive longer distances should be charged more – they use the roads more, why not make them pay?

This is the opinion of an important government group a recent report has revealed. The group are advocating a pay-per-mile type of scheme for road tax in the hopes of reducing petrol prices and even traffic jams.

The scheme would need to be looked at in much more detail and there is likely to be a public outcry from those who would be charged the most. Some even say it may affect British business as road hauliers and delivery vans have already been significantly hit by shocking fuel prices and congestion charges.

The idea has come about because of calculations that revenue from road taxes is likely to drop in the future, by as much as £13 billion in the next 20 years, as vehicles become more fuel efficient. The new tax system would generate an increasing fund as the use of roads is expected to rise to more than 390 billion miles by 2030.

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