Wednesday 16th May 2012
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Increasingly technology is taking over our driving experience. First it was small things like electric windows, central locking and remote alarms then up to intelligent rain sensors that turn your wipers on and off and even cars that stop running if you are stationary.  But now the motoring industry sees the car of the future driving itself with minimal help from humans.

The so called “connected car” is the latest step on this journey. Scientists say that by next year the car will be the third most connected place where people spend time.

With that in mind Intel are forging relationships with the motoring manufacturing industry now to break the ground on this new era.

The children of today may have a totally different driving experience to that of their parents; with perhaps a console style controller instead of a steering wheel and pedals. Your car could be plugged into social media and automatically take you to an event posted say on Facebook.

As well as connection to their drivers and the internet cars could well be connected to each other which could make negotiating roundabouts much easier as the cars work out who has priority instead of the people.

Many people may share cars or put their own up for hourly hire and here the connectivity will allow different “users” to “log-in” to a car and you could even have your own settings saved so the car automatically adjusts the driving position and the handling.

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