Wednesday 30th July 2008
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Figures showing the number of people fined for speeding as the result of being caught on speed cameras have sparked criticism in Northern Ireland.

East Antrim MP Sammy Wilson has claimed that there is a disparity in the statistics, pointing out that motorists in Castlereagh were fined nearly £140,000 compared to areas such as Newtownabbey, Antrim and Strabane, which received no fines.

Such discrepancies could potentially see the car insurance premiums of drivers in affected areas increase as a result.

Newtownabbey Today reports that Mr Wilson condemned the numbers as part of a response to a question in Parliament and called for increased precautionary measures as opposed to increased spending on speed cameras.

"Instead of erecting more speed cameras across the province, the public and its purse would be better spent on having a more visible police presence on our roads," Mr Wilson suggested.

Meanwhile, the Department for Transport released figures earlier this year which indicated that more motorists are sticking to the 30mph speed limit than they have in the last ten years.

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