Wednesday 23rd January 2013
Be Wiser Insurance
It is one of the most irritating feelings in the world; when you have just driven past a speed camera and you just know you have been clocked doing more than the limit. There are plenty of excuses – I was late, I was momentarily distracted, I didn’t know what the limit was – but in the end we have to admit that it was a fair cop and we were caught breaking the law.
For many the prospect of three points and £60 fine is not too bad a deal and we fill in the form obediently and take the punishment. However, some already have a few points and cannot afford another three, cannot afford the potential increase in insurance premiums or simply do not want the stigma of a speeding conviction. There is a way to avoid this problem if you opt for the Speed Awareness Course. It is a little more expensive at £90 but well worth the effort.
You are not judged; the course is designed to re-educate. This means the instructors are not there to tell you off but to give you tips and tricks on how to keep your speed within the legal limits. For example, a good way to stay at 30mph is to  use third gear, also learning to look further ahead in the road will give you more time to react to any problems.

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