Thursday 31st July 2008
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A survey from a car rental firm has revealed some of the oddest items left behind the vehicles.The Europcar study disclosed that among the strangest things found in cars brought back are a cooked sausage, a false leg and half a pint of beer along with a speed seduction CD.It added that these contrast with the most common items forgotten, such as keys, CDs, sunglasses and satellite navigation devices.Catriona Lougher, speaking on behalf of Europcar, stated: "The size and variety of Europcar's fleet obviously attracts customers from all walks of life, judging by the bizarre objects staff find left in vehicles."A telephone line has recently been set up by Europcar in order to assist rental customers who have been involved in accidents.It is hoped that the First Call hotline can streamline the process of making a car insurance claim for drivers.

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