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Wed, 01/18/2017 - 09:50 -- sdukbewiser

Super-sized cars no longer fit in UK parking bays

Wed, 18/01/2017
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Mercedes GL 5.05m long, 2.4m wide

What car do you drive? Plenty of us have smaller cars such as Ford KA’s and Renault Clio’s, but many are driving much larger vehicles which are struggling to fit in a normal parking space.

Tim Pollard, Car Magazine reports:

Here's a news story we suspect will chime with Britain's beleaguered motorists: modern cars are too big for parking spaces.

We all know that super-sizing has seen many familiar name-plates bloat into something much bigger. The Mk1 VW Golf, for instance, was smaller than today's Polo.

And the footprint of a Vauxhall Corsa has leapt by 16% in the past 15 years. Check out our video at the foot of the page where our sister website Parkers.co.uk squeeze a Corsa into a modern parking space - and compare it with a 1982 Peugeot supermini.

New research published today reveals that UK insurers are paying out nearly £1.4 billion to repair parking prangs - purportedly caused by spaces that haven't kept up with the size of modern vehicles.

How big is a British parking bay?

The average space is 4.8m long and 2.4m wide, according to government guidelines.

Accident repair specialist Accident Exchange reports a 35% jump in parking accidents and blames the fact that 87% of councils use the outdated official measurements. No wonder we have to breathe in when we park...

So my giant SUV won't fit?

Exactly. Accident Exchange lists a host of vehicles that won't fit in an officially sized bay.

Surprise, surprise, they're all SUVs:

  •   Mercedes GL 5.05m long, 2.4m wide
  •   Audi Q7  5.05m long, 1.96m wide
  •   Land Rover Discovery 4.97m long, 2.0m wide
  •   Volvo XC90 4.95m long, 2.0m wide
  •   BMW X5 4.88m long, 1.93m wide
  •   Ford Edge 4.8m long, 1.92m wide
  •   VW Touareg 4.8m long, 1.94 wide
  •   Hyundai Santa Fe 4.7m long, 1.88m wide*

* All data provided by Accident Exchange

So, do you own one of the above vehicles? And if so, do you have difficulty parking in normal spaces? With cars arguably getting larger, and parking often already an issue – particularly in cities and towns – is it time we start promoting smaller vehicles on our roads?

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