Wednesday 18th December 2013
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While the idea of cars that drive themselves may put many off their lunch cars rolling off the production line now are already half robot. With fantastic technological innovations like cruise control, automatic gears, parking sensors, lights and windscreen wipers that come on automatically when they detect the right conditions.
The next generation is only a few years away for example Dynamic Cruise Control goes one step further and can slow the car down if it “sees” the car in front is getting too close, then speeds up again once the road ahead is clear.
Collision prevention technology is the next step from parking sensors. Special detectors mounted around the car keep a constant watch on the road and alert the driver if the distance to the car ahead starts to reduce quickly. It will also pre-tense the seat belts, turn on the hazards and apply full brakes if necessary. This system is also designed to look out for pedestrians, cyclists and even animals.
Automatic parking is something that many drivers would love to have. This brand new technology will spot a space big enough for your car, you pop it into reverse and the car does the rest.
GPS tracking is already used in many devices like sat navs and mobile phones but now it can also be used to help the car change gear. With 3D mapping of the road ahead the car can assess when you need to change gear and takes care of it.

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